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Sheet Metal Folding

We are precision sheet metal workers - with a difference.

Allsops of Yorkshire offers precision folding capabilities using our in-house equipment. We have 11 CNC press brakes bending up to 250 tonnes, using the Bystronic Edwards Pearson P250 and the Hammerlee P130 with 3-point bending and an accuracy of 0.5 degrees over 3m.

Our Motoman Robot and Salvagnini P4 enable optimised and consistent pressing with unmanned production. The Salvagnini P4 offers an unlimited number of bends and is up to 5 times faster than conventional press brakes, producing a part that is consistently accurate to tight tolerances. The P4 can accommodate bend lengths up to 2500mm long, a bend height up to 127mm and a maximum bend thickness of 2mm for mild steel, 1.25mm stainless steel and 2.5mm aluminium.

  • Full in-house sheet metal work from design to assembly
  • 24-hour lead times
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Fully automated facilities including robot welding and folding
  • Fast, efficient delivery