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Metal Welding

We are precision sheet metal workers - with a difference.

Metal welding uses heat to melt and produce strong joints across a variety of shapes and structures. With the flexibility to add other materials to the molten metal, we can increase the strength of the joint for even the most demanding projects.

There are many types of metal welding differentiated by the process used. Electric metal welding uses electrical current to vibrate and heat the metal, softening its particle density and shape and allowing it to be merged or formed with another piece. Various forms of gas can also be used to weld metal, making the process quicker and more penetrative, but the basic electrode is still required. We can weld a variety of metals including brass, zintec, aluminium, galvanised, mild and stainless steel.

We specialise in Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding which uses a tungsten electrode to produce the metal welding by creating plasma that can then be welded. This is especially used for stainless steel, copper alloys and aluminium joints. Metal Inert Gas (MIG welding) can also be used when a quicker and more flexible process is needed. It is rarely used outdoors and we have the facilities onsite. Our Fanuc robotic welding cell can produce MIG welds, Arc welds and Spot welds all on our premises in Yorkshire. Its rotating fixture means it is versatile and accurate in its approach.

Manual metal arc welding (MMA) also know as shielded metal arc welding is the most popular form and is used on iron and steel. It uses a flux around the electrode which then disintegrates to protect the welding area and help create the mould. It can be used for maintenance repairs, steel construction or industrial fabrication.

Our staff are trained in hand held and automatic metal welding techniques and so we are able to assist on a variety of projects. Using our experience at Allsops we can help weld and create anything from the small to the elaborate, doors to bridge parts.