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Allsops, racing to support McLaren!

Last month when Allsops heard Boris Johnson’s call to arms on the engineering sector, the sales team began researching which firms were heading up the various consortiums who had been tasked by the British government with increasing the number of Ventilators available to the NHS. One of the key names everybody was talking about was McLaren and how they were leading the fight from their Technology Centre in Woking. The call was made and work began on several thousand trolley shelves very soon after.

Allsops are very happy to have worked directly for McLaren, a household name here in Britain. The whole team from office to shop floor have been incredibly enthusiastic and driven by this wonderful cause.

Looking to the future, Allsops would be more than happy to help anybody in or around the medical industry with sheet metal requirements.
Should you require assistance, please call 01484 661447.